Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sherrie, Tina And AJ- Creepy Dolls Live Tuesday July 10th!

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mackenzie1/2012/07/11/sherrie-and-aj-creepy-dolls--haunted-collectors-live Sherrie was raised in a haunted house and both her and her Sister, could see, hear and feel Spirits as Children. At that time they were both terrified of the Paranormal. The Spirits in there home were not the kindest. In Sherrie's own words, We collect haunted iteam such as dolls and object that spirits are attracted to and attach themseleves to for what ever reason. Dolls I find, are the most haunted items that we come across, which make since as they are a much beloved dolls in life. It is a soruce of comfort and safety and your best friend and touch of home as they knew it to be.I try and help the livng and the spirit world if at all possible and most of all having respect understanding and patience. I created this group called Creepy Dolls as I now and have been a Antique Doll Collector for a long time and I have around 350 dolls give or take. And yes I would say most of them are haunted. Join us for an amazing show, many of the Dolls sherrie owns have appeared on TV such as Dead Files etc. I am really looking forward to this show, please call in with questions. Emma- from the Dead Files TV Show
Chazz- Haunted Doll from Collection
Harry- Haunted Doll
Sherrie and Tina

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  1. The haunted doll called Harry, seems to have a spirit connected to him. You can clearly see mist in front of his face, and its not from the camera. This doll is truly haunted! Thanks for posting!