Monday, July 23, 2012

Renegade Investigators of the Paranormal Live

Tuesday July 24th at 8pm. Eastern We have a passion for our work. While we’re not young, we’re dedicated to helping both the living and the spirits as a non-profit group. Our goals are to educate the general public from the point of view as researchers and we are dedicated to assisting those who are experiencing unexplained phenomenon. We are like no others. We are Renegades in the fact that while we are a team that can function as individual. We are a combination of skeptic, psychic, researcher, historian while being spirit rescuers. We are not only intuitive and skeptical; we’re open to the experience of spirit world. We combine our spiritual beliefs with scientific investigation. We are experienced in different disciplines of investigations such as technical as well metaphysical evidence of other realms of existence. While we are a new group, our personal beliefs may differ but we are experienced spirit Investigators and Reseachers, Join us as we talk to Hank, ans some of the team. Its going to be a great show, looking forward to this, call us if you have questions. Live Evp's!

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