Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dorothy Morrison Live! Utterly Wicked And So Much More! June 5th At 8pm EST Dubbed by Publishers Weekly as "a witch to watch," Dorothy Morrison is the award-winning author of numerous books on the Ancient Arts and their application to modern life. She's won several awards for her writing, and has become a favorite of readers and critics from all walks of life. Some say it's because of the easily appreciated conversational tone she applies to her work. Others say it's her down-to-earth and humorous approach to the subject matter. But regardless of the debate, all agree on one thing: Whether in her writing or her interaction with the public, it's Morrison's personal style that makes her memorable. And it's that same sort of charm and grace that has some folks calling her "The Julia Sugarbaker of Paganism." A practicing Witch since the early seventies, Morrison is an elder of the Georgian Tradition of Wicca, an initiate of the RavenMyst Circle Tradition, and a member of the Coven of the Raven in Flint, Michigan. Morrison currently lives in Virginia with her husband, Mark, and their black lab, Sadie Mae. She handles a voracious tour schedule, and travels the country giving lectures and teaching classes related to the Craft, its aspects, and its practice. Please join us for this show Dorothy is amazing! We will be talking about all kinds of magical things. This is Our Utterly Wicked Show, because I love this book, and Dorothy's wit, we will discuss this book too, if you haven't read it do so, you will be amazed how this book can help you. Here is Dorothy's website, its fantastic!

Brandon Kreitzrer-And Sherrie From Creepy Dolls- A Haunted Collector

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Sherrie Schoon from Creepy Dolls- tells us some of her paranormal adventures at st. Augustine lighthouse, and about her creepy dolls from The Dead Files T.V. Her full show with AJ from Creepy Dolls will be July 10th, don't miss it. Its going to be awesome! She has 350 Creepy Dolls. and very Famous ones, fro T.V. etc.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Brandon Kreitzer Live!

Brandon Kreitzer; as a young adult had many personal experiences with the paranormal. He ignored them, denied them and convinced himself that they never happened. As he became an adult, the personal experiences continued. It was then when he knew, he wanted to learn the truth and look for answers. So he joined a team called C.I.G.H.T. and quickly became their Chief Researcher. However, unfortunately the team became very stagnant and he decided to leave the team to find the answers on his own. he found out shortly later that team team folded. On Jan 30, 2010 (his birthday) - He decided to form a group: PAST (Paranormal Activity Specialist Team of Illinois).He put together a team of dedicated and loyal individuals, all looking for the same thing, the answers & the TRUTH. Hunting the paranormal its in his blood and some would even go to say he is a paranormal addict. PAST in it’s first year conducted 92 investigations.June 2010 he launches a network of teams coming together called the PAST Family Network. Paranormal Unity at it’s finest & The PAST Family Network then started to provide FREE serves for IL, IN, IA, WI, KY, TN, MI, OH,GA, AL,LA, AR, WV, VA & FL for those that feel they are being haunted. In Sept. of 2010 he then launches a new show called PAST PTS (Paranormal Talk / Music Show) which he hosted as well as being the executive producer of the entire show. It was designed to be show where we could broadcast some of our finds with the world and a platform to discuss the paranormal amongst ourselves and have many special guests. Join us for a fantastic show!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Psychic Medium Mike Loop Live! Mini Readings! Tuesday May 22nd

We welcome back Mike Loop to the show! Mike is an amazing Psychic Medium and Reiki Master. He is also a natural healer. Please join us, its going to be a fantastic show. Mike Loop is an internationally known physical Medium, Teacher and Certified Reiki Master. He has dedicated himself to investigating paranormal activity for 7/12 years. He has helped many people across the world, who come to him. He has also helped families with missing people. He also helps people in their spiritual journey and personal psychic development and brings messages from loved ones who have crossed to the other side. Peter James was his mentor, he continues using Peters knowledge and methods to this day. Mike's website-
other websites-

Its Not Too Late To Listen To Amanda's- Tarot Card Readings

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Amanda Donnelly has had a lifelong love affair with tarot cards. She gives intuitive readings based in deep and long study of the cards, as well as astrology and runes readings. Amanda is the assistant organizer of the Denver Tarot Meetup, and a proud collector of both esoteric and modern tarot decks. When she is not curating those decks, reading or writing about tarot, Amanda is a yoga junkie and a tries her hand at writing Gothic fantasy and modern fairy tales. Amanda lives in the Mile High City with her husband, a gaggle of kids, and too many cats. She is available for readings and events locally, as well as via Skype, phone, or email. You can read her tarot musings at , like her on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter!/78Whispers.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012