Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dr Barry Taff Live! On Unearthly Encounters June 28th at 3 (PST)

OPR Michigan will be on Live!

Lisa Connors - Paranormal Investigator will be on our show!

Rick Rascati-My Composer

Rick is a very talented Musician he was very generous in letting me use Space Ballad which i love. Now will be using his music on all my shows. I will be rotating his songs soon. Rick can be found on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and other music sites, you can download his music if you like. Here are some of his You Tube Videos, Enjoy!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Alexandra's Book "Growing Up Haunted, A Ghostly Memoir" pic below.

Her Book will be discussed.We will talk about her renowned Father Dr. Hans Holzer, the original Ghost Hunter, her Childhood and Paranormal experiences, and how she is following in her Fathers footsteps her own way, and of course Amityville, Alexandra will be on The Paranormal Challenge airing on the Travel Channel, June 17th. I hope you will check it out! Also Amityville Shattered Hopes the Docudrama will be released October 31, 2011. Alexandra is in the movie. Join us May 24th, on Unearthly Encounters you will not be disappointed.

Alexandra Holzer- Daughter of the Paranormal- will be on Our Show!

Please come and listen to this amazing show! Join Scott and I.