Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Its Not Too Late To Listen To Barbara Watkins Author Of Hollowing Screams, And Co- Author Of Six Pack Of Blood.

This was a fascinating show Barbara's paranormal experiences are amazing, listen in. Enjoy
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Barbara Watkins resides in Missouri with her husband and loyal boxweiler, Hooch. In her writings, she loves to evoke a false sense of security and expectations, as she leads her reader into a world of the unknown. Her articles on various subjects, short stories, and poetry, have appeared in The Heartland Writers Guild, 2008 New York Skyline Review, and several on-line publications. In 2010, Watkins collaborated with New Zealand director, Dimi Nakov, on a screenplay for a short movie entitled, BlindSide in which her name appears in the films end credits for voice-over monologue. BlindSide has been accepted into the Cannes short film corner, as part of the 65 Festival de Cannes, and the 7 Cyprus International Film Festival 2012. In 2011, Mrs. Watkins novel, 'Hollowing Screams' captured the attention of New Zealand director, Dimi Nakov/Zodiac Entertainment, and she signed on for her book to be adapted to film. Barbara Watkins is a member of The Thriller Writers Association, and The National Writers Association.


  1. I listened in on this show all about the great horror writer Barbara Watkins, my friend and co-author of SIX-PACK OF BLOOD and the coming sequel SIX-PACK OF FEAR. Mackenzie Knight, author and show host, did such a fab job bringing Barbara out...and the stories Barbara tells are absolutely hypnotizing. I couldn't resist phoning in and getting caught up in the hoopla! Fantastic job, ladies! An outstanding show that no one should miss. Thanks for a fun, exciting evening...all about books and laughter. Thanks - Betty Dravis <3

  2. Thank you Betty, I had a wonderful time too, Barbara stories are amazing. Some just literately blew me away. Thank you for joining us it was a pleasure to talk to you, thank you for your support my friend.