Monday, January 14, 2013

Candy O Donnell Author/ Radio Show Host Live! January 29th 8pm EST

We are happy to Welcome Candy O Donnell to the show. She is the Author of many books. Her latest book is Z Radio! The zombie apocalypse .Candy is also the Host of her own Blog Talk Radio Show. She also has amazing true Paranormal stories, and is a gifted Psychic. Candy O'Donnell is the author of over a half dozen books. Writing has always been something she enjoys and writing is how she expresses what is within. Every time she writes, she knows that the manuscript will be something different. Candy writes paranormal, horror, spirituality, and whatever else pops into her head. But her favorite genre is Paranormal. This area allows her to expand upon what she already knows. Candy O'Donnell has to thank her family for allowing her to expand her creativity!

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