Thursday, March 14, 2013

Robbie Thomas In Time Shift Six Predictions Come True!

Time Shift the Paradigm, This is an apocalypse themed book of fiction in which Robbie described several catastrophic events around the world. amazing thing is that to date 6 of these events have actually occurred after the book was published. Did Robbie using his psychic abilities while writing this book? Tuesday March 19th at 8pm EST, Join us for a fantastic show! In Robbie's Book Time Shift the Paradigm, Six Major World Events have already come true so far All. Predicted by Robbie. This is incredible! History is happening before your eyes right now! Join us for an amazing show! Robbie Thomas is an accomplished Best Selling Author with Seven titles to his name. Robbie has managed to succesfully create and will Host a new television series called -Psychic Profiler coming very soon, we will be dicussing this too. As a Psychic Profiler Robbie has assisted on many high profile murder/missing persons cases with Law Enforcement and Families, who seek him for answers to tough cold cases as well as new ones. Robbie has been featured on many television broadcasts,, newspapers, and radio broadcast for many years. Visit Robbie at-

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