Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lauren C. Dole- Gypsy Spellcaster- Fall Magick Live!

We are so thrilled to Welcome back Lori, who is a wonderful Person and dear friend to both Beth and I. Please join us and please call in with questions, we will be covering many subjects, such as Spirit Crossing, Seances, How to protect yourself from Psychic attacks, negative energy, How to Cleanse with Sage, even some spells, you don't want to miss this show! Lori was raised by her full blooded Gypsy Grandmother who was the clans spirit crosser, who also could see the dead ,and communicated with them. Right from the start Lori could see spirits, she thought everyone could. Lori casts spells of both light and dark. She recieved her family spell book, spell log and ritual doll who is used in exorcisms- all at the age of 16. By age 20 she formed her own spirit investigations team. She now lives in a haunted house with a resident male spirit. She owns a haunted doll, and various furniture pieces. Do not miss this show, it will be outstanding. Be ready to call in with questions.

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