Monday, June 11, 2012

Psychic Medium Linda Dix! Free Mini Readings Tuesday June 12th 8pm eastern, join us for your reading!

Linda in her own words-I have been able to see and hear spirit since the age of three, however I soon realized that not everyone had this ability and I learned to hide that part of me. It wasn't until a Near Death Experience that I realized this gift was of God and I needed to use it to help others. I have been doing readings professionally about 18 years now. I am a psychic, medium, intuitive, and am able to read people's past life memories. I help people with all aspects of their lives, love, finance, health, travel, spiritual path, and healing touch. I am a Investigator and am Co-founder of Toledo Intuitive Paranormal, I am also a consultant for other groups internationally as well as TAPS here in Ohio. We do investigations, personal and home cleansings dealing with either spirit release or negative entities. I can be found at Linda Dix psychic on google, or, give us a call, for your free reading!

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