Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Diana Paxson- Way Of The Oracle Live! Tuesday May 1st

DIANA L. PAXSON is the author of 29 novels, including the best-selling Avalon series, and several works of spiritually-focused non-fiction. She is also well-known as a spiritual leader and teacher who has served as leader of the Covenant of the Goddess and the Troth, and lectured and conducted workshops on oracular practice and other topics in North America and Europe, including appearances at Pantheacon, Pagan Spirit Gathering, Wic-Can fest, and Sirius Rising. Her work is based on over twenty-five years of practice as a priestess and teacher. She She is an Elder and former First Officer of the Covenant of the Goddess, and an Elder, former Steerswoman, and current editor of the journal (Idunna) for the Troth, both international Pagan religious organizations. She is also the founder, an Elder, and former president of the Fellowship of the Spiral Path, an East Bay based spiritual community. Paxson’s novels all have strong mythological and spiritual elements. The most recent are, The Golden Hills of Westria (2005) and Sword of Avalon (2009), the last in the Avalon series which she took over from Marion Zimmer Bradley. Non-fiction books include Taking Up the Runes and Trance-Portation (both with RedWheel/Weiser), and Essential Asatru (Citadel). She is also a regular contributor of Goddess articles to Sagewoman magazine. She lives with her family in a multi-generational household in Berkeley, California. For more information, check her website:

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