Monday, February 7, 2011

Conversations Of TheHaunted Kind- Miparahaunt (2/8/11) 4pm(MST)

Miparahaunt are not only Paranormal researchers and investigators, they are very talented and professional. They are based in Michigan, their mission is to help the community, as well as the surrounding States. They not only investigate, they communicate with spirits who may be trapped, and help them cross over. They are dedicated in proving there is an afterlife based on scientific research, experimentation, and paranormal ghost hunting. The parahaunt family is the only group of its kind who have a Demonologist, Ordained Minister and Psychologist. They are familiar with both Wiccan and Catholic traditions and rituals. They are also one of the only groups in the Midwest which deals with demonic hauntings. They believe no one should be plagued by evil forces. Scott Hattis will be here as my guest along with a few other members, its going to be a great show. To contact Miparahaunt, please go to their website at- Please be ready to call in.Photobucket

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